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2 or 4 players 1 set Monday Night GlyphBall Football with HeroScape??? oh yah... But are you ready to play?
2 or 4 players 1 set Battle For the Shrine Get to the Shrine and hold for 3 turns
2 or 4 players 1 set The Pillars Fixed and ready to go! great map for non ranged units.
2 or 4 players 1 set Randara Creek Discovery Find the Correct Glyph hidden in the Grass to take the win
2 or 4 players 1 set Bunkers and Islands Bunkers for ranged units to hide in, holding the Islands however, is the key to this map.
2 players 1 set Race down the River Race to reach the end of the River, who will be first?
2 - 6 players 1 set* Battle For the Tower Another Shrine has been found, and he who holds the towers will control its flow!